Clothing made from natural, sustainable fabrics are great for allowing the skin to breath whilst also protecting from the elements. Being conscious about the clothing you wear and how you present yourself is very important and creates a lasting first impression.  There are an increasing number of outlets and designers providing quality, modest clothing around the globe.



sustainable Clothing

Sustainable women’s clothing crafted from natural, sustainable yarns like bamboo, organic cotton and hemp. Pieces that provide endless comfort and timeless style simultaneously.

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Barefoot Shoes

Sports Shoes

Barefoot shoes mimic the shape of the foot and are fully flexible and adaptable to provide the ultimate support and comfort for the feet.

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Assodiori’s Booth

Jewellery – Ankh Necklaces

The Assodiori Jewelry is a jewelry store born in 1996 and located in Brescia, Viale Duca degli Abruzzi 108, Italy


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